The only thing better than delicious waffles for breakfast? Flirting with your cute Waffle House server.

TikTok influencer and OnlyFans creator Kelly — better known by her username @sweetdarlingkelly — evidently knows this fact all too well, getting candid about the hilarious and surprisingly steamy sides of being employed at the beloved breakfast chain.


that felt hard lol…

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From detailing her experiences working — or should we say twerking — overtime, hinting at romps with elderly “family guy[s]” during her breaks and fielding the apparently ever-common customer request for her to stick her feet in the lettuce — “never give up,” she captioned a video on the strange subject  — Kelly has proven just how exciting her 9-5 can be.

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my boss told me to wear this

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Though her restaurant gig may offer Kelly a wealth of stories, there is a downside to her side hustle — the way her romantic prospects approach her service job.

“Me working overtime while knowing I will be alone when I’m home bc I don’t have a boyfriend.” she captioned one video depicting her sensually washing dishes, one of the several clips detailing her love life.

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Though it’s unclear whether Kelly’s dating struggles — and her tales of Waffle House woe for that matter — are real or just an ingenious marketing technique, one thing is certain: They’re sure as hell entertaining. Who doesn’t love breakfast and a show?

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