Contrary to the notions held by the internet’s local legions of basement dwellers, having a large chest isn’t always a blessing, a sentiment actress Sydney Sweeney (and well, pretty much any person with large breasts) knows all too well.

Over the weekend, Sweeney sat down with The Sun, where she recounted a very overlooked struggle of developing at a young age — being sexualized by pretty much everyone.

“I had boobs before other girls and I felt ostracised for it,” she recalled of her early years before detailing how her Euphoria character, high-schooler Cassie Howard, endured a similar experience both onscreen and online, thanks to the series’ aggressively horny fandom.

“You have a character that goes through the scrutiny of being a sexualized person at school and then an audience that does the same thing,” she explained, referencing how fans would tag her family members in screengrabs of her nude scenes.

Beyond sending the typical cabal of angry, horny dudes into a complete frenzy — because how dare a literal child not want to be sexualized — a band of unlikely defenders flew to Sweeney’s side: Fellow early-bloomers who know damn well what unwanted attention having big boobs attract at a young age.

“People trying to say Sydney Sweeney [sic] is lying about her treatment growing up having bigger boobs/developing early is really so crazy to me,” explained Twitter user @mylovedes2. “Because adults start telling you to ‘cover up’. girls start whispering. men start looking. the boys are all immature. EVERYONE treats you odd,” she continued.

But @mylovedes2 was far from alone — countless other women took to Twitter to recount their painful experiences of growing up a bit too fast. “‘Early’ development definitely robs girls of their childhood and I’m glad Sydney Sweeney is talking about it,” added @dirkisajerk. “The response to the Sydney Sweeney article is so disheartening,” wrote “@gutt3rg1rrl.

“Crazy how bold so many ppl are with their misogyny when it’s a famous person ostracization like what she mentions is almost a universal experience for girls all over.”

Boobs — Everybody loves them, except the women forced to carry them around all their life.