Karatime Karaoke isn’t your average YouTube karaoke channel. But instead, is a karaoke channel with videos of popular songs that all follow an anti-circumcision storyline with rewritten song lyrics. If you watch the videos in order, the plot unfolds as the narrator reveals how he loses custody of his son John, to John’s mother, who wants him circumcised.

The 20-video saga kicks off with the first upload, an edit of Leave The Door Open by Bruno Mars. The video starts with the original lyrics, but at the first chorus, the lyrics start to subtly change from “I won't bite (ah-ah), unless you like (unless you like)” to “i won’t touch (ahh ahh) with a knife (with a knife)” as the song progresses, the lyrical changes become more drastic, changing “and if you’re hungry, girl. I got filets (woo-woo)” to “i won't circumcise my son with a blade (woohoo).”

In the channel’s edit of Minimum Wage by Blake Shelton, lyric changes include, “Just give me some lights strung out in the yard” to “Just make sure his foreskin still stretches far” and “You can make a one-bedroom apartment feel like a house up on the hill” to “Don’t let the doctors touch his peepee while at that hospital on the hill.”

In the accounts fourth video, the story starts to evolve with an edit of Cupid’s Chokehold by Gym Class Heroes, as the narrator seeks help from his father with the line “Dad a girl is trying to convince your son that circumcision is good for his lil’ one.”

The story heats up in his edit of Good 4 u by Olivia Rodrigo, as he loses custody and his son ends up being circumcised. The updates are revealed with the lyrics “You bought a new car and custody is yours no matter what it's like I never said it” and “My son’s blue, he lost his foreskin to a doctor.”

After mourning his son’s fresh-snipped foreskin, a plan to grow it back comes up in Solar Power by Lorde, explaining that he has a friend that will “take us over to the secret teacher come on boy, he fully fix pricks he’s kind of like a foreskin Jesus.”

Each karaoke video is packed with lore, so you’ll have to sing along to each song to reveal the full story.