Trump situation room photo staged with cords all over the place

People have started talking about the cords on Trump's war room table and we're not saying it's a conspiracy but it is more than a little strange, to say the least. 

Why so many cords, and why are none of them plugged in? Just looking at the state of their table makes me tense. Beyond the obvious tidiness of the desk, it seems that many of the cords are just lying there and those that seem in use, aren't. 

People began asking about the cords after comparing Trump's situation room pic with the iconic Osama Bin Laden raid photo and the two situations could look anymore opposite. 

Trump Situation room and Obama's situation room comparison photo

And really none of this sould be a surprise. If anyone has ever looked at a photo of Trump at work, he either has nothing in his hand or on his desk, or it's covered in things, there is no middle. 

So, of course, there a short cord just lying there and nothing plugged in, it's a staged photo, for the purpose of stroking Trump's ego.