Several drivers in Sichuan, China recently learned the importance of “stop drop, and roll,” finding themselves nearly engulfed in flames after a fuel truck exploded at a local gas station.

In a clip that has since been shared to r/PublicFreakout, a vehicle, which appears to be an oil tanker truck, began spewing fluid throughout the refueling stop, creating a geyser-light sight Redditor u/waner1587 so aptly dubbed the “Forbidden Fountain.”

After several moments of coating its entire surroundings in a thick layer of flammable liquid, the inevitable happened — the whole darn thing caught on fire.

It remains unclear what prompted the massive explosion, but whatever spark hit the spill managed to leave quite the mark, setting not only the tank, but several nearby trees, the gas station itself, and even one witness’ shoes ablaze.

We can only hope that no one was hurt in the explosive ordeal … That’s gotta hurt.