From Ed Hardy t-shirts to Supreme logo box hoodies and head-to-toe-Carhartt fits worn to snag $7 iced coffees, fuckbois have been around for ages, a long, heart-breaking constant that has endured years, decades, and as Reddit recently learned, even centuries.

Earlier this week a “Social Hygiene” poster dating back to 1922 warning women to “Beware of Chance Aquaintences” began making the rounds on Reddit, proving that yes, even grandma had to thwart off fuckbois back in her speakeasy days.

“‘Pick-up’ acquaintances often take girls autoriding, to cafés, and to theaters with the intention of leading them into sex relations,” reads the poster, noting that “disease or child-birth may follow,” a tidbit of advice that likely also landed the leaflet in CUNY’s Veneral Disease Visual History Archive.

“Avoid the man who tries to take liberties with you,” the poster continued, a bit of dating advice every single fake TikTok “podcast” so desperately wishes they could emulate.

“He is selfishly thoughtless and inconsiderate of you. Believe no one who says it is necessary to indulge sex desire,” it states before imploring women to “know the men you associate with.”

Same, girl. Same. Now if you need us, we’ll be printing out 1000 of these for every time our girl asks us whether she should meet up with some Tinder Mid Man.