One woman decided that she wasn’t going to let her smashed car stop her from her dreams of hitting and running a major accident, attempting to flee a crash site despite her destroyed vehicle … and a hefty police presence.

Though both the front and back bumpers of her car appeared to be hanging by a thread of sheet metal, a trail of oil, like blood, slowly seeping from her near-demolished ride, the woman decided to persevere, hitting the gas and heading forth … only to rear end a police officer stopped at the spotlight in front of her.

“Damn!” a fellow driver recording the incident said of her decision to put her pedal — and both of her bumpers — to the metal. “This b—h is trippin!”

But the driver was far from alone in these assertions — moments after her second crash, the rogue driver found herself confronted with an angry officer pointing their gun at her now somehow-even-more-totaled car.

Though it’s unclear whether or not she landed under arrest, one thing is for sure — if you’re gonna hit and run, at least try not to hit a police car on your way out.