Though Tony Zhu may be best known as the face of neon light company LC Sign, his variety of accents, rather than his salesmanship, recently skyrocketed him to viral fame.

Despite experimenting with several drawls on the company’s various social media pages, including offering one hell of an “‘ello mate” in one clip shared to LC Sign’s YouTube page, his Appalachian accent recently cemented him as southern royalty.

“What’s up homie? It’s Tony,” he kicked off the now-viral video, first shared to Instagram late last month, one detailing snap-on neon signs.

“Even if a typhoon comes, it won’t be able to blow it away,” he explained, product in hand, sounding like somebody’s PeePaw.

It’s unclear whether or not Zhu hails from the South — considering his impressive southern drawl we wouldn’t be surprised if he grew up with grits, sweet tea, and Dolly Parton — several took his rotating accents and the company’s basis in Guangzhou, China as enough evidence to dub him language learning goals.

“My ultimate goal in learning Chinese is to give people the same amount of whiplash that English speakers get from this video,” @GMomurder captioned the clip.

“LED light salesman shocks saloon,” joked @thatfrood while @ecto_fun likened Zhu to one of Hollywood’s most versatile actors.

“He sounds exactly like Leonardo DiCaprio doing a southern accent,” they wrote.

Martin Scorsese, you’ve found your next star.