Though Chiropractors may be known for being a pain in the neck, it appears they can also be quite the pain in the a—, just ask the patient getting his butt blown out in a now-viral clip.

Chiropractic compilation page @quiropraxiarustica headed to TikTok this week with a video depicting just how down and dirty the profession can get, proving that these professionals can and will get in all your nooks and crannies in their noble pursuit of fixing your f—ked up back.

“Alright, following the coccyx down, first seconds right here,” the chiropractor, who appears to be Dr. Joseph Cipriano, can be heard saying, all five fingers placed dangerously close to his client’s booty hole.

“I’m gonna try to reach underneath of this bone right here,” he continued, his hand firmly placed in the client’s butt crack, before yanking it back.

Despite asking if there was any pain — a sensation very different from violation and discomfort, it should be noted — the chiropractor continued his tabletop spelunk, reaching deeper and pulling harder until he got a satisfying crack.

While it’s unclear whether this OTUAC (over-the-underpants a— chiropractors) move managed to fix this guy’s back woes, there’s still a silver lining to all of this butt play — at least he won’t have to worry about a prostate exam for another 3-5 years.