On today’s installment of malicious compliance gone so, so right, one Redditor recently learned a very important lesson about being careful what you wish for – because the cake people at Costco can and will take your request a little TOO literally.

Earlier this week, u/FlipDemStocks took to r/Funny to share a tragic tale of Costco woe — receiving an Amelia Bedelia-ass take on the cake that they requested.

On the surface, u/FlipDemStocks’ request was simple enough: “No writing/no designs,” read one of the bullet points added to the back of the design form. “Only request red frosting on the perimeter for top/bottom,” they continued, adding a drawing of a cube in red and black ink for added clarity.

Yet instead of following the customer’s carefully crafted instructions or heeding their 3D rectangle that would make a medieval peasant weep tears of envy (and probably terror over what in the witchcraft was going on with that box), the fine cake decorators of Costco had a different idea — drawing an exact replica of u/FlipDemStocks’ box.

“Costco will give you exactly what you know you didn't need,” they wrote alongside the photos illustrating their dessert gone wrong.

Costco – creating everything – including IRL shitposts – in bulk.