When TikTok jokester @prettyboydlo1 quite literally dunked on a Walmart employee as a part of a prank video, he got way more than just net, catching a whole lot of flack for his apparent attitudes towards retail workers.

“Dunking on a Walmart worker,” he captioned his now-viral clip, depicting him sneaking up behind a vest-sporting employee, straddling his shoulders as he slammed a ball into a display hoop.

Though the worker may have left the scene visibly upset, a well-warranted scowl splashed across his face as he reversed course, @prettyboydlo1 appeared rather pleased with his prank, giggling as he headed back to his phone camera set up.

TikToker dunks on and humiliates a Walmart worker.
byu/5_Frog_Margin inImTheMainCharacter

The video appears to have been removed from his channel but was recently reposted to Reddit, where the dunker found himself reduced to the dunk-ee before the court of r/ImTheMainCharacter‘s collective opinion.

“F—king hate people who do this shit to retail workers,” wrote u/DC1919, denouncing @prettyboydlo1 as an “f—king scum bag.”

“Have him charged with assault,” suggested u/CautiousCranberry723, one of the several Redditors who encouraged the employee in question to take legal action. “Let’s see how funny it is in county.”

Meanwhile, u/Both_Shallot4923 argued the creator was worse than just a “main character,”

“This is beyond main character, more like r/iamatotalpieceofshit,” they wrote.

As actual dunking legend Michael Jordan once said: “Stop it, get some help.