We all knew it was going to happen: It seems that Taylor Swift has “clawed” Travis Kelce.

After being seen together on numerous occasions, Kelce and Swift appear to be dating, as a photo from TMZ confirms. However, this photo also has the relationship experts of the internet terrified. Could it be that Swift has *gulp* clawed Kelce???


Oh no. Taylor Swift has brought out the claw on Travis Kelce!!!!!!

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“Folks, this is not good. My worst nightmare come true. The Claw’s come out to play,” Barstool Sports’ Jack Mac opined. “Travis has been clawed by Taylor! It’s not a full claw, but this is early onset claw syndrome, okay?”

What does it mean to be clawed? There’s some debate. For a more charitable explanation, some say it’s when a partner shows signs of getting attached to you — i.e., digs their claws into you. For a more blackpilled explanation, one “claws” their partner when they feel they have dominance over them, or view their place in the relationship like that of a parent or god. This can be visible in the couple’s posture.

While the untrained eye may see this photo as normal, the image has somehow terrified both the incel-adjacent and the Swifties. For the Swifties, it means that Kelce and Swift are getting close — a terrifying thought given that many are still coming around to the idea of football.

For the Andrew Tate-wannabes, the photo shows Kelce readily accepting the claw — which is, of course, the mark of a weak man. She’s got dominance over him, and the longer he allows her to dig her claws into him, the more power she’ll steal from him. You know, like a vampire. A vampire with a net worth of $780 million.

Commenters couldn’t stop debating the claw. “Those are drunk claws. He’s done for,” wrote one user. “It’s a mutual claw. His arms on her waist lol,” said another. “I think he loves the claws. He shot his shot to get those claws,” stated a third. “That’s billion-dollar claw tho,” shared an additional TikToker.

Has Travis Kelce been clawed by Taylor Swift? Maybe. Do we care? No.