Days after Tiffany Gomas, the woman behind the now-infamous “that motherf—ker back there is NOT real” rant, headed back to the airport for the first time since her viral meltdown, an heir apparent has emerged to take her spot as air travel’s resident Karen — a woman screaming about human trafficking on a recent Southwest flight.

One passenger on a flight from New York City to Kansas City found herself, too, screaming about the construct of reality while attempting to fly the friendly skies, claiming human trafficking and emotional manipulation as flight attendants escorted her off of the aircraft.


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“Get the f—k off me! I am being trafficked! I am being human trafficked! Leave me alone!” the woman, whose identity is still unknown, screamed in a now-viral clip of the incident, which was first shared to TikTok on Tuesday.

Though it’s unclear what exactly prompted her meltdown and ultimate ejection from the flight, whatever happened was evidently that serious to the woman in question, prompting her to shove a flight attendant while rambling about hostages.

“If they have your family hostage don’t believe it — they use f—k emotional manipulation!” she yelled after demanding the flight crew get off of her. “This is not real!”

While the reality of airspace may get more and more murky with every viral video, one thing is certain — the cost of those seats, and viral infamy, are very, very real.