Lying for veterans’ discounts and sporting cargo pants aren’t the only ways to commit stolen valor this Veteran’s Day — enter the latest means of lying for clout, faux nipple piercings.

Days after Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS nipple bra sparked controversy, dividing a line between those with respectively perky and gravitationally challenged chests, another take on faux boobs set the internet ablaze: Nipple piercing inserts from Fashion Nova.

Despite touting the pasties as a way of impressing your crush — “he said he loves nipple piercings but i’m scared of needles,” read text placed atop the clip — Twitter begged to differ, denouncing the accessory as e-girl appropriation.

“This is stolen valor,” wrote @ihatethiskid.

“I did not get my nipple piercing ripped out by the concrete for this kind of nonsense,” added @brokesingledad, while @doinkpatrol denounced the look as “so f—ked up.”

So take it from these angry Twitter peeps, fake nipple piercings are much like pizza cutters: All edge, no point, and an addition that will make no one want to come near your t—ts.