Marvel's latest creation just landed a solid opening weekend. $143 Million debut is nothing to frown at. But money isn't everything. Fans of the MCU, and of the character of Thor specifically are most definitely torn. With Taika Waititi back in the director's chair, the Thor arc is much different than the initial two movies.


That's actress Tessa Thompson, alongside Waititi and they are legitimately making fun of their own movie. Do fans take these MCU films way too seriously? Yes. Are movies supposed to be fun? Absolutely. But figuratively taking a massive sh*t on the work of editors and SFX teams of YOUR OWN movie??? Come on now.

So if this is how an actress and director feel about the film, what say we take a gander at the Twitter reactions.

Fair point. Reasonable.

There we go. If you're gonna go super deep and throw Thor into the darkest period of his life in 'Endgame' you have to respect that moving forward. Clearly Waititi does not.

If there's one winner, it's Christian Bale.


Minions > Thor.

Not scathing but not friendly.

Look, if you don't like having fun maybe this movie just isn't for you. And you know what? That's perfectly okay!

Ahhhh, there it is.

I personally feel as though the peak of the MCU happened at 'Endgame.' I've lost interest and even stopped caring about what happens to these characters moving forward. But if you're looking to see another dark installment of the Thor franchise, I'd avoid this one.