A creepy letter has the internet speculating about a "furnace party."

Countless Philadelphia residents in Philadelphia's Fairmount neighborhood woke up to a bizarre letter left in their mailbox.

The letter was rambling and odd, mentioning an event to be held in order to get rid of food living inside people's bodies.

A spokesperson for the Philly Police was reached out to and seemed rather clueless about what was going down. 

“The reports that I get from the detective division, I haven’t seen anything in reference to that,” said Officer Miguel Torres. “I haven’t heard anything at all.”

Torres encouraged recipients to report the letter to police — with as much specific information as possible. “Report it,” Torres said. “Whatever it is, report it, just in case there’s a formal investigation or report done.”

Locals are taking the creepy letter in stride, some even made a Facebook event based on the cryptic pamphlet.

A subreddit dedicated to the creepy letter was created, and folks plastered it with memes.

A local brewery is even crafting a beer for the disturbing and surreal event mentioned in the letter.

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