To put things in perspective, when I started writing this article yesterday I had just 3 recent racist Tik Toks to use as examples to show this problem of racism on Tik Tok. I hate Tik Tok to begin with so this article was tough for me to write because I had to download the app for research purposes. After another search this morning I now have 10 examples from this weekend alone, showing how this problem has gotten worse in such a short time.

You might think I'm maybe just a very triggerable liberal who doesn't think "edgy" humor is cool but these videos aren't even like remotely funny, the humor is outdated and the stereotypes have been done before many times. It's tiring to see the same dull joke over and over again, let alone if it's racist.

This first example from Georgia has received the most amount of press so far. Two seniors from Carrolton HS filmed the video below and have since been expelled from high school and had their college offers rescinded. *WARNING STRONG LANGUAGE*

This isn't the only form of racist video that's showing up, there's become a trend of "How's My Form" Tik Toks that are revealing people's true colors.

These videos seem to be mainly targeting the black community but there are plenty of examples of other racial and religious groups used as the butt of the 'joke'.

 Most of these videos are filmed by older teenagers, people who should know better by now, at least you'd think. It's just amazing to me that these people are stuck at home quarantining and they've gotten so bored that they're turning to racist jokes to entertain themselves.