Revenge is a dish best served cold … and behind the icy bars of a tax evasion prison sentence, if TikTok’s premiere revenge influencer is to be believed.

Régan Alexis, better known by her TikTok username, @reganakexxis, has recently carved out a new niche in the world of micro-influencers – emerging as TikTok’s leading expert in all things getting even. Equally ingenious and absolutely fucking horrifying, Régan Alexis’ viral “revenge ideas” playlist is a masterclass in all things petty, ranging from staged embarrassing moments – who hasn’t grappled with their fair share of dissolving swimsuits? – to tapping the IRS to do your dirty work.

“You just got off FaceTime with your best friend and she was crying because her stupid boyfriend who you do not like whatsoever apparently cheated on her,” Régan Alexis kicked off one of the series’ latest installments.

@reganalexxis Replying to @liam_taylors_version someone commented this idea BUT I ACCIDENTLY DELETED pure gold if u ask me. just doing ur part as a concerned american citizen… #greenscreen #revengeideas #reganalexxis ♬ original sound - régan alexxis

Upon recalling his bygone tax season woes – “you found out that he forgot to file his taxes last year so he was in for a shit storm,” she quipped – an idea should pop into your head, one prompting you to act not as an angry, protective friend, but as a goddamn patriot.

“You know what you’re gonna do as a concerned citizen? You’re gonna go to a lovely place called You’re gonna find form 3949-A and report a suspected tax law violation.” she explained, noting that whether the alleged perp is a business owner or a mere individual in the eyes of the IRS, her method can “take any motherfucker that you want and get them audited.”

“Karma can’t even find you with this one, it’s just your civic duty,” she quipped.

While on some level, she’s not wrong – who could possibly worry about cheating while Uncle Sam may not be getting his fair share? – several TikTikers flocked to the comments to share their sheer respect, awe, and deep-seated terror.

@reganalexxis Replying to @user5841038051691 #blairwaldorfstyle #gossipgirlhere #fearmeifyoudare ♬ Mission: Accomplished - Lorne Balfe

“U scare the shit out of me,” wrote @user5841038051691.

“My baby daddy better buckle up,” added @NessDPatrick.

Hey, if it’s good enough for Al Capone, it’s good enough for our exes.