TikToker winta_zesu might be a Karen, or she just might have invented a new genre of viral videos. If you take her videos seriously, you’ll see she regularly nitpicks waitstaff, berates service workers, and gets kicked out of restaurants. But, her entire persona may actually be a clever satire of the Karen-like influencers we all loathe. Though nobody online can seem to agree which it is.

Winta posted a video on March 31, asking a waitress to redo her eggs benedict because an egg had fallen off its salmon. She ended the clip by threatening to leave the restaurant after allegedly talking to the restaurant’s manager. That video has almost 6 million views on her channel, and over 23 million on Twitter after the account Eric Rivera re-shared it.

@winta_zesu i cant make this up #restaurants #brunch #nycgirl ? original sound - Winta

“This actually has to be a joke,” says the top comment. “What’s this version of a Karen called?” reads another. As some people criticized her behavior, others complimented her satire and sense of humor. “The biggest problem of today is that I have absolutely no idea if it’s a joke. Which bothers me.”

One of Winta’s earlier videos, posted on March 21, saw commenters feeling much less forgiving. In that clip, she forces an Uber driver to wait while she perfects her walk to the car in an “aesthetic way.” “The walk didn’t even give,” one person commented. “Baby, for all this I thought you was walking up to an Uber Lux” said another. Perhaps the inclusion of real hotel staff and an Uber added to the video’s semblance of reality. Maybe it’s not staged after all?

@winta_zesu It all works out in the end #miami #miamimansion #miamigirls #wintazesu ? Collide (Sped Up Remix) - Justine Skye

But a closer examination reveals that by and large her content is set up. The “waitress” in many videos sounds like the same person. “It’s her friend at the table. This is a skit,” one viewer remarked. Still, pretending to act like an entitled influencer in a public place results in being perceived as such by those around you, staged or not. Her content often mirrors the behaviors of other controversial influencers, and as a result “rage farms” views, in the same way those people do.

In her most recent Easter video, she offers to pay the bill for an entire restaurant, though it seems unlikely that she actually did. She even posted a ‘sobbing’ apology video for her Uber stunt, mimicking so many a ‘canceled’ influencers.

@winta_zesu full video on youtube #ubergirl #aestheticwalk #apologyvideo #miamigirl ? original sound - Winta

A few of Wina’s other viral videos include accusing people of staring at her hair, and a series of wedding disaster stories filmed in a wedding dress. There is a concerning trend of Karen-like behavior among influencers, and a recent prank video even led to the shooting of the YouTuber Tanner Cook. Those people are a problem. Is Winta one of them?