A coke addiction is no joke. But a Diet Coke addiction? That’ll shake your whole life up, as a user on TikTok recently revealed.

The mother of TikToker Rowan (@rowansturgill) has an obsession with Diet Coke. And we’re not just talking about just chugging a few cans a day — this woman seems to have committed her life to the drink, filling her house with various pieces of merchandise showcasing her love for the fizzy beverage.


this isnt even half of it im not kidding

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Among the items her mother has are a Diet Coke door hanger, a Diet Coke soap dispenser, several framed Diet Coke advertisements and a “break in case of emergency” Diet Coke container.

According to Rowan, this isn’t even the full collection. “This isn’t even half of it,” Rowan writes in the caption. “I’m not kidding.”

Rowan’s mom, Beth, was eventually interviewed by Fox News about her obsession, where she fully defended her passion for the drink. “I just really found that it gave me joy and really just felt good to drink Diet Coke and that was the only thing that I loved,” Rowan’s mother explained. “Just the taste of it gives me a lot of happiness, and I really enjoy it.” I mean, clearly.