Hey, guys! Just here outside of the mall after work giving y’all an update on my journey and — is that a man dragging a police officer with his car?

You gotta love kismet interruptions. Vanessa Baldwin, @classy_nesss, was filming a regular TikTok about being tired of working at the Beachwood Place mall in Ohio when a thief attempts to make a getaway and is stopped by the police and possibly a retail worker.

@classy_nesss Ohhh just another day in paradise at Beachwood Place Mall #theghetto #hotassmess #shoplifter #releaseyourjob ♬ original sound - Vanessa Baldwin

The three men tussle until the thief closes the car door and the driver speeds away, dragging the other two men for a moment. The car gets away as the police officer and the retail worker are on the ground.

“And that is why I was saying that I can’t wait to get out of this punk a** job. It’s not even the job. It's the store. It's the mall. It’s the customers—like did y'all not just see that?” Baldwin says in another video talking in her car after the incident. She alleges that the thief stole two on-sale shirts at SAKs.

@classy_nesss Back to what I was saying…smh ‍♀️ y’all this was sadly not a skit. I literally was just trying to vent & manifest my future and that happened. #part2 #update #retailproblems #shoplifter #releaseyourjob ♬ original sound - Vanessa Baldwin

Baldwin is rightfully done with working at the mall where multiple incidents of theft and violence have occurred just in the month of August. (Also retail just kinda stinks).

If there was ever a sign to quit a job, this would be it. As Beyonce said, release your job (and don’t get caught up with felonious activities).