It's the season of vacation flexing. But if you don’t have the extra cash to spend on a lavish vacation, there’s a new TikTok filter for fooling social media.

The filter, Luxury Resort Spain, was created by @cungdikhampha and it creates a 360-degree first-person view on the balcony of a very lavish, yet fake, resort. And at a quick glance, it looks pretty believable.

One creator who used the filter was stunned at how good it looked because instead of actually catching some sun in Spain, he was underground on a New York subway platform.


♬ Where I Wanna Be - Donell Jones

“Influencers are about to go feral,” commented one user.

Why pay thousands of dollars or sell your soul to a brand to go on a luxurious trip? Just put on this filter and trick all your followers.

@debchubb So excited for my first influencer trip!! #travel #influencer ♬ original sound - Deb

We may see this exact hotel suite many times this summer.



so beautiful

♬ original sound - tyler funke