As Hurricane Idalia hurdles towards Florida, the storm is predicted to bring roughly 100 mile-per-hour winds, flooding and a metric f**kton of lightning, according to one horrifying time-lapse.

Satellite footage recently released by weather agencies paints a distressing picture of what Sunshine State residents can expect when the hurricane makes landfall on Wednesday,  depicting several bursts of sky-igniting lighting striking around the eye of the storm over the course of several hours.

But more than looking terrifyingly badass, the sight comes with an alarming implication, namely, that the storm is getting stronger. Though Hurricane Idalia was initially forecasted as a Category 1 storm, it is now expected to strengthen into a Category 3 storm, one defined by “devastating damage,” according to the National Hurricane Center.

Stay safe, Floridian readers — and rest assured knowing those Waffle Houses will be closed.