Though Albany, Oregon’s Police Department may have promised to exemplify "Excellence Through Service,” several officers were neither excellent nor serving in what may be the worst take yet on TikTok’s Celine Dion challenge.

Featuring a female officer lip-syncing along to the Canadian crooner’s 1996 hit “It's All Coming Back to Me Now,” the cops’ clip was an exercise in wasting taxpayer dollars, complete with a flare, a squad car, and what appears to be a leafblower. The department’s TikTok page was removed, yet the video was shared to r/IAmTheMainCharacter, where several Redditors dunked on the officers for the truly pointless video.

“Recording for social media while on a tax-payer job should be a felony,” wrote u/wumboxinferno.

“Somebody's grieving family is waiting for you guys to finish lip-synching,” added u/Emergency_Brick3715 while u/ Love_God551 denounced the clip as tangible evidence of humanity’s decline.

“Yep mission complete - we are all officially morons,” they wrote.

But even with all this critique, it could still be worse. After all, it's always better to be f—king around on TikTok than brutalizing civilians.