Carrie O., TikTok’s resident Fiona Ghallager impersonator, took to the platform to detail a drinking hack that would bring a tear of pride to her Shameless doppelganger's eye – getting shitfaced for free by volunteering for a local police station’s DUI training.

“Tonight is DUI night,” Carrie, better known by her username @carrieooos, commenced her clip, which has amassed more than 1.5 million likes. “Tonight, I will let the police get me nice and drunk and in return, I will let the academy trainees test on me.”

@carrieooos I am also here to help protect and serve by getting Drunk on the police department’s dime on DUI night. #drivingundertheinfluence #duinight #policeacademy #vlog #minivlog ♬ original sound - Carrie O.

After reiterating the heartfelt selflessness that led her to take on this daunting task–  “I am volunteering for my community. I will get drunk for them,” Carrie quipped – the creator outlined the basic rules for getting shitfaced on the police station’s dime.

Volunteers have a designated driver to escort you to and from the premises (cops generally don’t tend to find irony – or drunk driving – amusing).

Participants are breathalyzed after every drink.

No showing up already drunk (sorry, Frank Gallagher!).

Getting wasted – a true act of TikTok altruism.