Alright here's the rundown. In collaboration with beverage company Liquid Death, Tony Hawk is selling 100 skateboards painted with his own blood. Cool.

Except that it wasn't cool when rapper Lil Nas X tried a similar approach with his Satan-themed shoes. The Nike shoes contained one drop of real human blood, and the internet lost its collective mind. 

Now there is an obvious difference in that Tony Hawk is not promoting Satan with his skateboards. Nike even went as far as to sue the collaborator, Brooklyn Art Collective 'MSCHF' who released 666 pairs of Lil Nas X's shoes.

Needless to say, Lil Nas X was not happy about Tony Hawk being let off the hook so easily.

Shade was thrown...

From there the internet did what the internet does best, and took the phrase viral. Instagram users began flooding comment sections with "nah he tweakin" until it was almost unbearable.

Instagram would go on to delete most of the comments and life returned to normal.

Lil Nas X put out a statement on his Twitter account expressing his frustration.

I really can't wait to see someone wearing Lil Nas X Satan Nikes while riding a Tony Hawk blood board. Either way I think that human blood should be incorporated into more consumer products. How about hats, shirts, my PS5 that I have yet to purchase. I'm taking ideas in the comment section.