There are apparently some people out there who treat movies and TV like a necessary part of life. Rather than simply not watching a show or a film, they’ll choke it down like Robitussin, skipping past parts they don’t like or even watching the film at two or three times the speed.


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A TikToker recently bragged about their ability to do this, accumulating more than 106,000 likes in the process. In the text overlaying the video, they wrote, “One thing about me is I can watch a whole movie/series in 20 mins. It starts to get boring? I skip it. There’s too much talking? I skip it.”

Does this count as actually watching the whole movie or TV show? I don’t know, does flipping quickly through the pages of a novel mean you actually read it? At that rate, you could clear out a full library in a few hours. You could “watch” everything on Netflix in a matter of days. Would you enjoy it? Probably not. But could you tell other people you finally watched Netflix’s 2020 hit film Spenser Confidential? I guess, but surely you have better things to do with your time.

Unbelievably, numerous commenters admitted to doing the exact same thing. One described Netflix’s speed adjustment, which allows you to watch things at a faster pace, as a “life saver.” Another complained that sometimes they have to go back because “for [some] reason there was something important in that too much talking part.”

Admittedly, it’s uncertain that you miss that much when you watch a lot of Netflix-created movies and shows. Their plots are so straightforward that they’re likely first on the chopping block for A.I. generation. Still, and I can’t believe this needs to be said: If you don’t like watching TV, you simply don’t have to.