Taylor Swift making a shocked/surprised face on stage

Summer 2019 has seen some great new music released, including Taylor Swift's latest album, Lover, which comes after a 2-year gap from her last release. 

More importantly, TOOL finally released their latest album, Fear Inoculum, after almost 13 years since their last release! They've also finally embraced the world of streaming, which has helped propel them onto charts like Billboard in a way they'd never previously experienced. In fact,  they're well on their way to becoming the #1 album on Billboard's top 200, meaning they'll dethrone TaySwift for the coveted top spot.  

While that's pretty awesome in its own right, what really makes it hilarious is that a LOT of Swift's fanbase has no idea who "this band TOOL" is, and they are PISSED about the fact that this "new" band might unseat their chosen queen. 

Twitter screenshot of @StateOfReds13 complaining about

Twitter thread of Taylor Swift fans freaking out about Tool's new album dethroning her for #1 on Billboard 200

Twitter screenshot of @eurodoll having no idea who Tool is or why they're overtaking Taylor Swift

Naturally, TOOL's fan base (which is, on average, definitely older than the Swifties) took great delight in their favorite band's success, and also got a good laugh out of all the Swifties freaking out about it. 

Taylor Swift fans be like

Tool fan @broderick enjoying and sharing various posts of Swifties being mad about Tool

Tweet about the long-awaited Tool album, Fear Inoculum

Twitter user @Noktifer talking about how Tool fans don't care about charts

Tweet by @Ashleyartist2 about Tool bumping Taylor Swift for #1 on the charts, with meme referencing Kanye interrupting Taylor but it's Maynard from Tool instead