Most hated companies in America.

A recent survey by USA Today revealed what the average American thinks are the worst companies in the country. The list, as you can imagine, is full of corporations that have a long history of lawsuits, scandals, and bad customer satisfaction.

What are they? Look below to find out, and don't forget to guess what you think tops the list.

20. The Weinstein Company

The Weinstein controversy went way further than just Weinstein himself. Right after the fiasco, several board members resigned, presumably to avoid getting into trouble themselves. It's easy to paint this company as a villain at this point.

19. United Airlines

Airlines, in general, are well-hated, but United Airlines pulverizing a customer to get him off a plane surely didn't help its image.

18. Facebook

Screw Facebook.

17. CenturyLink

CenturyLink has some of the worst reviews on the planet, both from employees and customers.

16. Monsanto

GMO kills people. Monsanto kills people.

15. Comcast

We used to have Comcast in the office. We couldn't be happier that we ended that stupid contract.

14. Uber

Every Uber driver I've spoken to has nothing good to say about the company. If that's any indication...

13. Sears Holdings

How is this company still in business?

12. The Trump Organization

Not too surprising.

11. Wells Fargo

There are stories of half a million customers being charged by Wells Fargo for insurance they didn't actually have. This, among other reasons, is why it ranks the worst among banks.

10. Cigna

Fraud, widespread negative customer experiences, etc. Cigna is a mainstay among crappy insurance companies.

9. Spirit Airlines

There are no airlines worse than Spirit. They try to sell you on credit cards during flights, require an expensive surcharge if you take anything onto the plane that's larger than a small purse, and have super uncomfortable seats that develop scoliosis. 

8. Vice Media

Sexual harassment and sexism claims have tainted Vice's image for years. True or not, the company has had a hard time digging itself out of a bad reputation.

7. Sprint

Having bad reception when your car dies in the middle of a freeway isn't fun. Yet, that's the sort of experience Sprint excels at.

6. Foxconn Technology Group

You've likely heard about the hellish conditions Foxconn employees face. It's very real and very sad.

5. Electronic Arts

They killed everything we care about. Those mofos.

4. University of Phoenix

"Pay us tens of thousands of dollars for a subpar education. Thanks."

3. NFL

Thanks, Kaepernick.

2. Fox Entertainment Group

Fake News is tearing this country apart, and apparently a lot of people think Fox News is at the forefront of it.

1. Equifax

Equifax compromised user data in a way we've never seen before. People aren't happy.

Were you able to guess #1? Let us know in the comments below.