Jessica Yaniv - trans activist suing a Brazilian wax salon

Editors Note: This article is being updated as more information is made available.

Trans activist and writer Jessica Yaniv is a popular figure in the LGTBQ+ community and has recently gone viral for her lawsuit, alleging that a Canadian Brazilian waxing salon denied to give her service. 

Yaniv is a pre-op transexual, which means for those not-in-the-know, that she still has all her man parts. Which, when brought into a Brazilian waxing salon both shocked and confused the staff. 

Yaniv decided to take the case to court and in reaction the Internet has been bringing up her past in an attempt to paint her as a manipulative opportunist with her own selfish intentions leading her cause. 

Comedian Ricky Gervais tweeted something about the story the other day, and without the proper context it sounded like he'd lost his damn mind. 

As far as the lawsuit goes, we can see both sides of the story and hope Yaniv is coming from a place of compassion rather than using her situation as a tool to raise her own public image, but as is the nature of these things we may never know the true reasoning behind her actions. 

Now, as far as some of the criticism thrown her way goes, we do have somethings to say about that. Yaniv tried to throw a "Youth All Bodies" swimming party this summer for 12+ kids, which prohibited attendance by adults and chaperones. In a bellow tweet Yaniv says she wanted to make a place where kids 12+ could go topless! 

Jessica Yaniv - tweet about throwing a pool party

Jessica Yaniv tweet about throwing a topless pool party for 12-year-olds

flyer for Jessica Yaniv's youth all-bodies swim event

Here is the permit that was applied for in regards to the pool party. 

Permit Jessica Yaniv applied for to throw her pool party

 As the story began to pick up, and more and more people continued to add their two cents a number of old text messages and chats began to surface, showing Yaniv in a bad light, almost taking her transness in jest. 

old tweets and messages from Jessica Yaniv

Check out this video, by popular Trans YouTuber Blaire White, as she exposes the truth about Jessica Yaniv. 


Check back as this story will be updated further as more information becomes available.