Photoshopped image of Trump with alligators at border wall

Another day, another bats***-insane headline courtesy of the Trump administration.

A New York Times article published on Tuesday, comprised of excerpts from an upcoming book on the border crisis, details some rather bizarre and hilarious anecdotes about some of Trump's ideas for tightening up our nation's borders, including a moat of alligators and/or snakes that his aides actually had to look into pricing for.

These anecdotes, which were taken from extensive interviews with White House personnel who were present during a March meeting on border security, paint a pretty comical picture of the proceedings. Among other ideas the President had were such gems as electrifying the wall, adding flesh-piercing spikes to the top, and just straight-up shooting immigrants. When told that this would be illegal, Trump suggested a milder tactic - maybe just shoot them in the legs to slow them down. The President had to be informed that this wasn't allowed either.

As the story started getting picked up, Trump took to Twitter to deny it:

trump misspells moat

That tweet has since had the spelling of the word "moat" corrected, but not before the typo was widely ridiculed online.

James Felton @JimMFelton · 49m Washington Associate yourself with men of quality if you esteem your reputation; for 'tis better to be alone than in bad company  JFK Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country  Trump I wanted a electric moot stuffed with alligators and snakes!

 Stonekettle @Stonekettle · 53m Let's compromise.   We'll surround the White House with a snake and alligator filled moat (or moot, whatever) and if that works to keep the criminals  contained, we'll talk about implementing the idea elsewhere.   What do you say? Deal?

 Angela Belcamino @AngelaBelcamino · 1h Replying to  @realDonaldTrump Drain the moot!

Even Merriam-Webster got in on it!

Merriam-Webster @MerriamWebster · 24m 'Moot' (n) : ?? a deliberative assembly primarily for the administration of justice; especially : one held by the freemen of an Anglo-Saxon community  'Moat' (n) :  a deep wide ditch around the walls of a castle or fort that is usually filled with water

Basically, "moat/moot" was trending all over Twitter:

Palmer Report @PalmerReport · 1h Donald Trump’s day so far:  - Crazed meltdown about alligators - Thinks a moat is called a

 The Volatile Mermaid @OhNoSheTwitnt · 1h “The president of the United States just deleted a tweet about a moat stuffed with alligators and snakes because he spelled moat wrong” is not a sentence I ever thought I’d type.

 Jake Maccoby @jdmaccoby · 3h TRUMP ADVISOR: at least it can’t get weirder than nuking hurricanes   TRUMP ADVISOR 2: [nervously shuffling cost estimate for a crocodile moat]

There are also plenty of artists' renderings of what the proposed changes to the border would look like:

Trump at border with gators and snakes (photoshopped)Trump getting ready to shoot some migrants (photoshopped)

Trump's blueprints