Earlier this week, former President Donald Trump shared a poll on his Truth Social platform, showing that republican voters preferred him over Florida governor and fellow presidential candidate Ron DeSantis. The poll, posted under the prompt “Who will you be voting for in the 2024 Republican primary…” shows Trump at 69%, and DeSantis at just 24%. The problem is, the poll was posted by the infamous ultra-right-wing Twitter account Catturd, to his 1.6 million Trump-loving followers.

“A very scientific poll that proves DeSantis has no chance,” one person commented sarcastically. Unconcerned with the misinformation, Trump went on to cite the poll during his Sunday rally in Waco Texas, where he inflated the numbers even more.

“Okay, it's bad when a 69% pro-Trump poll by a Twitter user named Catturd is cited by a man seeking the highest office in the USA,” one Twitter user commented. “It's REALLY bad when Trump can't be satisfied with the goofy Catturd poll and has to embellish even that to "30+."

To expose the absurdity of the poll, the prominent left-leaning Twitter account Pudding Person decided to come up with their own presidential survey, pitting Trump and current President Joe Biden against the Ronald McDonald character and McDonald’s happy meal toy Grimace.

According to the poll, Grimace, who’s either “the embodiment of a milkshake or a taste bud” according to an old McDonald’s Tweet, is preferred by voters at a shocking 91.6% over all other candidates to be the leader of the free world. Here are some other charts showing the big fluffy purple swollen taste bud’s domination. “People are calling the purple tide,” Pudding Person commented on their poll. 

In addition to the Trump vs DeSantis poll, Catturd was recently alleged by the Twitter user William LeGate to be Phillip Lawrence Buchanan, a 60-year-old man with a criminal record for firing a rifle at a Walmart truck. However, that tweet has since been deleted, and the information appears to be false. Either way, presidential candidates should stay well away from anything Catturd puts out if they want to be taken seriously. Not that it matters, Grimace is smashing them all this election season.