Donald Trump hurricane dorian sharpie memes

We wish we could just ignore the president every-time he did something crazy or stupid, but if were honest, it's just too funny to ignore. 

Over the weekend, Trump presented an altered version of the path hurricane Dorian was "supposed" to take, where he added a little bit of his own personal sharpie touch. 

President Trump is known for being outspoken against what he calls "fake news" and yesterday in a tweet implied that the fake-news-media lied about the path of hurricane Dorian, for what reason we don't know. 

And since, the video and images of his sharpie editing went around the Internet, people did what they do best, turned the baboon into an epic meme. Allow us to share with you, the Sharpier in Chief. 

Trump Sharpie memes- hurricane dorian edits

Trump Sharpie memes - trump starring at the sun

Trump hurricane dorian sharpie memes - the new map of the United States