Though they may have reputations as dweeby dudes lugging around the most cumbersome wind instrument known to man, tuba players are no one to f—k with, a lesson one Jackson State University football fan recently discovered the hard way.

While tensions were already running high as Mississippi University faced off against Texas Southern University on Saturday, a rowdy fan found themselves in a showdown of their own, going off at one of the Tigers’ tubists.

The exact context surrounding their showdown is between the musician, the fan, and possibly whatever mysterious figure resides inside the mascots’ costumes, however, the tuba player decided that enough was most definitely enough, repeatedly socking the attendee in the face and sending him to the ground.

This spectacular TKO appeared to be just another game day for the player, who immediately jumped back in with his band, not missing a single beat.

We may have several questions surrounding the details of this short-lived brawl and its aftermath, yet one thing is for sure — the crying piccolo girl has finally met her match.