Bad news for down-bad Twitch streamers: Contrary to popular misconception, imploring your audience to “nut on my t—ts” does not, in fact, abide by the streaming giant’s community standards, a lesson creator Meiashes learned the hard way after getting slapped with a permaban.

Over the weekend, Meiashes revealed that she had gotten pounded by the Twitch banhammer, the Amazon-owned platform permanently banning her account after violating their terms of use with “unsolicited sexual advances” after giving a very suggestive name to a recent stream.

“Perma banned on twitch :c WEH,” she captioned a selfie, adding both the hashtag #freemeiashes and a screenshot of the email she received from the platform.

“Targeting another person with unsolicited sexual advances, graphic and vulgar sexual comments or sending them unwanted links to sexually explicit content,” read the screenshot.

But despite Meiashes apparent frustration, not everyone disagreed with Twitch’s decision.

“I can name two reasons why that happened,” joked @PokingOtaku, while @xKaotic_ noted that “finding out what they was banned for is ------- hilarious.”

So take it from Meiashes — when in doubt, TikTok speak it out. Finish on a chest, anyone?