It was true when you learned it as a kid, and it remains true to this day: Don’t trust anyone on the internet.

While you may think that your Instagram followers or Twitch viewers have the best of intentions, some are just seeking the opportunity to destroy everything you’ve got. Take the case of “uwu_to_owo” — a self-described “mad scientist” Vtuber who had a simple request for his Twitch viewers. “Please,” he told them, “could you be ever so kind as to help me prepare a plate of fried rice?”

In response, Twitch chat broke his stove.

Okay, so it’s not as nefarious as I made it sound. To summarize, the Vtuber programmed a robot with three commands: stir, MSG and toss. The stir command moved a spatula in the pan. The MSG command added MSG. The toss command sent the pan flying quickly into the air before smacking it back down again on the stove. Can you guess which of these commands became an issue?

Almost immediately, Twitch chatters were not able to contain themselves. The pan repeatedly pounded against the stove, ejecting almost its entire contents with every smack.

Signs of damage quickly become clear. The light began to flicker every time the pan came down, and eventually, uwu_to_owo had to stop the experiment after realizing this stunt destroyed one of the burners on his stove.

“You fuckers broke the fucking…,” the Vtuber says, clearly at a loss for words. “How the hell?”

For the curious, the full video is available on the Twitch user’s page.

His page also contains a host of other experiments, including “building a hot dog assembly line” and “building a toilet ejector seat.

But as far as fried rice is concerned, maybe next time he should just stick to takeout.