Dad asks little girl about stolen jacket

Kids say the darnedest things, don't they?

A young girl named Mila was caught red-handed by her parents recently after she came home with a jacket that very obviously didn't belong to her. When her dad pressed her for details, like where she got it from and how much she paid, Mila calmly informs him that the jacket was bought from "the Jacket Store" for the very reasonable sum of "5 monies." 

The video was posted to YouTube by Mila's aunt, Samaraa, who followed up that video with a quick Twitter poll about the origins of the jacket. It wasn't long before Twitter came to the klepto cutie's defense:

 @samaraa0 help us figure out where mila got the jacket she bought it herself  61% school  39% 21,452 votes · Final results 10:20 PM · Oct 30, 2019·Twitter for iPhone

@mynejas Replying to  @samaraa0 Figure what?!?!? SHE SAID AT THE JACKET STORE! 5 monies. Ugggh y’all don’t listen.

Sassy @_bellalma Replying to  @samaraa0 She used 5 monies I heard it straight from her mouth

wilmar @Blvntb Replying to  @samaraa0 Bruh she said the jacket store what else do you want Jennifer  @WhotheFisJH Replying to  @samaraa0 Man, where is this jacket store!? I need a cute jacket like that for 5 monies! So affordable!

Lil BOOllard @liliaballard Replying to  @__danyahh__  and  @samaraa0 It's a very popular chain!! It's next to The Pants Store!

t e z e e @Teyzito Replying to  @samaraa0 How insulting! She saved up her 5 moneys to buy this jacket & this is what she’s subjected to?

 Yohji  @ninjusuu Replying to  @samaraa0 She obviously spent her hard earned 5 monies.

 The Sophbot @thesophbot Replying to  @samaraa0 She got it from Jacket for five monies. It is pink and grey and also white. Connor from class has one just like it. Mila is clearly on trend this season. Expect a call from  @voguemagazine  very soon ?

Phill.?? @PhillKamara Replying to  @samaraa0 As a parent you have to know when your kids are trying to be smart or cheating and help them come out of it as early as possible. Good job Dad.

Samaraa also clarified that they knew the jacket belonged to Mila's classmate the whole time, and the whole issue was resolved without any bad blood:

Replying to  @samaraa0 Hi! Hello okay some follow ups: the jacket belonged to a girl in her class and we were fairly sure the entire time- the questioning was just funny! We were confused why she would say connor because we knew it did not belong to him! Please don’t get offended... ??? @samaraa0 · Oct 31 Replying to  @samaraa0 and secondly for those asking mila gave back the jacket to the girl in her class this morning with absolutely no fuss and the mom thought it was hilarious (i hope this shows that speaking to kids calmly and like they’re adults is important)