In April of last year, Elon Musk posted a since-deleted Twitter poll asking if he should remove the letter ‘W’ from the company’s name. Posted six months before the tech billionaire acquired the social media app for $43 billion, the poll provided only two options for response; ‘Yes’ and ‘Of Course.’ 

Now, Musk has followed through with his idea and covered up the ‘W’ outside of Twitter’s San Francisco offices. With Twitter currently only valued at around $20 billion, it is also the only ‘W’ Musk has taken since his big acquisition.

Following Elon’s 2022 poll, people were ready to meme T(w)itter’s potential new name. Those memes are now relevant once again.

Elon fancies himself a shitposter, but gags like this and Twitter’s recent doge logo change are just a few examples of his out-of-touch sense of humor and mixed-up priorities.

The definition of ‘titter’ is to “give a short, half-suppressed laugh; giggle.” When Elon lost a ‘W,’ he found an ‘L.’ Too bad we don’t have any titters to give.