President Trump vs Juul E-cigs

After a string of vaping-related illness around the country put hundreds in the hospital and resulted in at least six deaths, the Trump administration has announced that it will move towards banning most flavored vaping products. The administration cited an "epidemic" of e-cigarette use amongst teens, blaming flavored nicotine products for luring more kids into smoking.

President Trump announced the move in a press conference where he

made a reference to Melania's son, Baron, while seemingly forgetting for a half-second that he's also Baron's father. He also referred to the relatively new problem of vaping as "not wonderful."

The administration's quick action on the issue of vaping after just six deaths is in stark contrast to their unwillingness to budge on issues like expanding gun control measures despite the fact that mass shootings resulted in 53 deaths in the month of August alone.

Twitter users were quick to question the apparent hypocrisy of this move:

Zachary Siegel @ZachWritesStuff · 2h K. So there are over *10.8 million* American adults who Vape nicotine. And there have been 6 deaths... which are likely from illicit THC cartridges. Meantime: tobacco kills 500,000 people each year. So yes, of course there is a #VapeBan. Very normal.

BPhoenix37 @BPhoenix37 · 6h 6 people die from buying black market back alley THC vape liquid:  BAN VAPING TO SAVE THE KIDS  Thousands of kids killed or injured every year by guns:  MAYBE WE'LL LOOK INTO IT  #VapeBan

It's not a vaping problem, it's a people problem.  If every teacher had a vape pen, we could stop school vapings.  We need to investigate the mental health issues that lead to vaping.  The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a vape pen is a good guy with a vape pen.  #VapeBan

Brian Joyce @the_brianjoyce · 6h Here's a list of everything Republicans can ban, because banning them will work:  1. vapes  2. abortion  3. gay marriage  4. gay adoption 5. Muslims 6. refugees  Here's a list of everything Republicans can't ban, because banning them won't work:  1. guns  #VapeBan

Joe Bangles @JoeBangles8 · 10h IT IS TOO SOON TO TALK ABOUT VAPE CONTROL!   America is a wonderful country but is very embarrassing a lot of the time.  A few deaths linked do black market vape products and they want a ban.  Our children are gunned down in schools and the answer is more guns.  #VapeBan

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @TylerLee83 · 5h If you think that this

【 d α m í α n 】 @spookylemons · 4h people in other countries enjoying the smell of their fruity flavored vapes, because their government isn't sucking big tobacco's dick #vapeban  squidward sniffing

Daniel Bostic @debostic · 40m It’s quite possible that 8-10 MILLION Americans will now go back to smoking tobacco.   The #vapeban is an intellectually lazy solution to a rare isolated situation.