In November, Elon tweeted that his "commitment to free speech extends even to not banning the account following my plane" despite insinuating the account posed a "risk to his safety." However, as of this morning, the account @ElonJet was removed from the platform, citing a "violation of Twitter's rules and policies." 

The account was run by Jack Sweeney, who used publicly available flight records to keep track of Elon's movement across the country and around the world. There has been no official statement made by Twitter on why the account was permanently suspended. 

Similar accounts remain on Twitter, such as @BezosJets, which tracks the flights of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. 

Last week, Jack Sweeney shared a screenshot sent to him from an anonymous Twitter source allegedly showing internal communication from Ella Irwin, VP of Twitter Trust and Safety, asking her team to "apply heavy VF to @elonjet immediately." 

It's unclear if this suspension came from Musk himself but it is telling that after a month of owning Twitter, Elon has already gone back on his word of being a champion of "free speech." 

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