Everyone knows that couple made up of a gregarious, occasionally annoying man, and his long-suffering wife who seems immune to his charms. If you don’t, you might be part of one such couple. Either way, have you ever stopped to wonder about how they came to be? One Twitter user has a compelling theory.

By way of a theory designed to explain these couples, OP tweeted, “Men spend years crafting their special brand of rizz, marry the first girl they find who is completely immune to it and then spend the rest of their life trying to rizz her. It’s all for love of the craft.”

Many people were quick to agree, with several men asking who spilled their secrets to OP. One woman spilled a secret of her own in response, tweeting, “straight up the real secret is that i’m not immune to it… i just maintain the veneer of immunity.” We have to respect her honesty, even if I think trying so hard to appear aloof is kind of lame. A tweeter, whose response is kind of a downer, replied, “The less you like men, the more they’re in love with you. They literally prefer torture over true love.”

Yikes. Please love yourselves more than that, people!

Some men put themselves forward as examples that confirm this theory, with one replying, “Making a whole room of people laugh at the same joke my wife rolled her eyes at >>>>>.” Agreeing with the theory, another user replied, “‘You’re such a dork’ is the sign of a great relationship.” Amen.

Meanwhile, others argued that if the wife agreed to marry her husband, she obviously isn’t actually immune to his rizz — like the earlier tweeter, she’s probably just pretending she is. Women who are immune to a man’s rizz will just walk away — or make fun of him to his face and then walk away.