Uber’s new “Be your own boss” ad campaign promotes the flexibility of earning money whenever you want, however, you want. Working without the overbearing structure of superiors and a flexible work schedule sounds great in theory, but in practice, Uber has a long way to go if it wants to be a reliable option for full-time employment.

Twitter’s community notes had something to say about this and absolutely bodied an Uber ad with a fact check for the ages. Bolstered by the community notes, negative responses to the ad grew faster than Uber’s congestion pricing, and Uber was forced to delete their post.

Many Twitter users quickly highlighted the ad’s misleading language, and likened it to an MLM pitch.

“They did really well making it seem like contract work is good,” @sticker4cookers pointed out, “yet it provides no benefits.”

Working in a flexible environment with the freedom to be your own boss is fantastic for some people, and great for a side hustle. But “Be your own boss” frames Uber as a good option for flexible full-time employment when it’s simply not. You know there’s a real problem when a bot created by Twitter is telling you to treat your employees better.