In a rare display of people being fed up with the constant smash-and-grab robberies plaguing the Bay Area, a group of two bystanders prevented a robbery in Oakland after smashing a group of thieves' windows with batons as they tried to steal from a man. 

Oakland Robbers get their car windows smashed by baton-wielding vigilantes
byu/SheetMepants inPublicFreakout

"Oh, so they don't like when people smash their windows, huh?" Said one person in the comments. "We are all becoming Batman," said another. 

Car robberies and smash-and-grabs are not new issues for San Francisco and Oakland residents, but people are seemingly sick and tired of these criminals getting a free pass to steal anything that isn't tied down. 

And in the middle of the day, when one Oakland man was being targetted by a group of roaming thieves, two men with batons took matters into their own hands and returned the favor so many people wished they could, smashing the windows of the window smashers. 

Now, we can't advise that you try this, as typically these groups are carrying weapons, but for just one day, the good guys won, and that, we count as a win.