What started out as a normal ride slowly turned into an Uber experience from hell. A couple took an Uber while in Las Vegas and were ultimately charged a $150 cleaning fee for a mess they never made. The driver was pulled over for not having a valid license plate and it was discovered that the driver had not one but two warrants out for his arrest. How he wasn't arrested on the spot is beyond us, but what he and Uber did after the fact with enrage you. 

The Receipt: A $148 dollar cleaning fee. 

The riders conversation with Uber's helpline following the charge. 

The 'Damage':

The riders perspective does seem to back up their claim, only maybe they were embellishing about the 2 warrants for his arrest. That's the only detail that doesn't quite add up. 

Uber is a master at keeping their hands clean and almost never has to own up to the actions of their drivers and for that we say, shove it Uber, next time I'm walking!