The Uber experience should be politely silent. Maybe your Uber driver will let you pick the radio station or even give you the aux. Maybe you feel chatty and have a great conversation. But one man had the misfortune of being forced to listen to an erotic audiobook for his whole ride.

Akeem Bumpass, a poet based in Atlanta, recently posted a TikTok of an Uber ride he went on where the driver was listening to an erotic audiobook out loud.


The one time my uber driver was playing a kinky ass audio book I was so confused

♬ original sound - Akeem Bumpass

In the video, you can hear the book’s narrator, who sounds like an old head, describe having sex in great, graphic detail. Bumpass is sitting silently with a poker face through the entire ordeal.

The video, which has garnered over 200k views and 50k likes, had a lot of unanswered questions. How could Bumpass keep a straight face? Why was this man listening to literary porn while driving for Uber?

“Is he the narrator? Is this his way of marketing his novel?” asked one TikTok commenter.

Book-Tok inevitably found this video and was hounding the TikTok creator for the book's title. It has yet to be revealed. 

@akeembumpass Replying to @chlo ♬ original sound - Akeem Bumpass

But there was a second video where Bumpass explained the situation. He was on his way to see some friends and did not realize that the driver was listening to erotica at first. Bumpass kept his composure but “on the inside, [he] was losing it.”

@akeembumpass Replying to @charis ♬ original sound - Akeem Bumpass

He confronted the driver at the end of the ride saying, “Hey, you can’t be playing that. If I was a woman, I would be petrified. It’s sexual harassment regardless if I’m a woman or not.”

That was when he realized that the driver did not speak any English.

Bumpass theorizes that someone must have been playing a joke on the driver by playing something inappropriate that he wouldn’t understand.

“Or maybe he’s just learning English the freaky frog way,” Bumpass states as his second theory.

Still, the driver was rated zero stars and was reported by Bumpass.

As for the thirsty book-Tok people still searching for the audiobook title, Bumpass asks them to seek help.