Though former President Donald Trump’s four indictments could result in the ex-Commander-in-Chief spending upwards of 641 years behind bars, several tin-foil-hat sporting Redditors have begun speculating whether one of his legal cases could have broader implications — proving aliens are, in fact, real.

Shortly after the former POTUS was slapped with three additional charges related to the classified documents he allegedly stored at his Mar-a-Lago compound in Palm Beach, Florida last month, Redditor u/bplturner headed to UFO-truther subreddit r/aliens with a bold assertion — “Trump Had Documents on Aliens.”

“The secret document, listed as No. 19 in the indictment charging Trump with endangering national security, can under the Atomic Energy Act only be declassified through a process that by the statute involves the Department of Energy and the Department of Defense,” they wrote. “You think the timing of all this is coincidence?”

The answer, it appeared, was a resounding no. “Well, he did randomly start the Space Force,” wrote u/Dextrofunk.

u/cjamcmahon1 argued that the existence of these documents may have prompted the Congressional UFO hearing late last month. “Maybe this is why there is such a hurry on with the disclosure - it is going to come out anyway during Trump's trial???” they theorized.

Despite this apparent confidence, others speculated whether Trump’s status as a one-term President exempted him from ever learning the truth about extraterrestrial life.

“I don't think any of the 'temporary' presidents have access to anything confirming the US has alien bodies or craft in their possession,” wrote u/Another_Humanzee, arguing that “there is very obviously a level of unelected power above both the president and Congress.”

Fellow Redditor u/thehim agreed, arguing that if 45 had proof of Alien existence, he would have announced it to the entire world already.

“If Trump had classified documents revealing non-human intelligence, he’d have show[n] those documents to every single member of Bedminster by now,” they argued.

But regardless of whether 45 was harboring documents proving the truth about alien life in his gaudy South Florida home, one thing is certain: We want to believe — both that ETs are real and that 45 is headed straight to jail.