nasty couple gets caught engaging in oral sex on London Underground

If you happen to be one of the workers deemed "essential" during this time, you're already risking your health and sanity pretty much every time you step outside. The last thing you want to see at this time is people not taking things seriously and just generally being gross while you're out here trying to earn a paycheck and keep society functioning without dying in the process.

That's why a UK woman who was on her way to an essential job was so understandably upset when she saw a young couple on the train engaging in a little public hanky-panky.

Patricia eventually decided to take matters into her own hands after authorities seemed initially slow to respond.

Patricia's videos quickly went viral enough to catch the attention of the proper authorities...

Met Contact Centre @MetCC Replying to  @thesalonegirl British Transport police have been informed their reference is 135/24MAR20 We will forward these videos to them now.

... but sadly, it doesn't look like much came of it: 

 Patricia Flag of Sierra Leone @thesalonegirl · Mar 24 Replying to  @thesalonegirl The man was rude to the police and aggressive.  Moral of the story. As I didn't capture any genitalia in the video, they were let off...  Today I learnt that Sex in public is ok as long as nobody pops out thier breasts, penis or vagina...  #HealTheWorld #Covoid19 #metpolice

The internet being what it is, there were obviously plenty of folks making light of the whole situation: 

Prof. Geoff Clampitt @ClampittGeoff Replying to  @thesalonegirl   @TfL  and 4 others People can't even enjoy a bit of hows your father anymore without being harassed.

No joke, "how's-your-father" might be one of my favorite bits of Brit slang. 

 Peoples Parlour @PeoplesParlour Replying to  @thesalonegirl   @TfL  and 4 others THIRTY MINUTES!!!!! On another note, the mixed emotions flowing throw his body right now must be off the chart!   Finally, to clarity, this is unacceptable behaviour.

And finally, here's my personal favorite take on all this:

§impin' @yourecringe Replying to  @thesalonegirl   @TfL  and 4 others Post malone let himself go