ukrainian farmers stealing tractors

As the conflict in Ukraine rages on and things intensify all around the country beset by Russian forces from the North, East and South, many western military analysts have agreed on two things: the Ukrainian forces are some bad motherf**kers, and the execution of Russia's invasion has been a logistical nightmare. 

Nothing demonstrates this more than the absolute heyday Russian farmers and the civilian Territory Defense Force are having as they yoink the sh*t out of gassed-out Russian tanks. 

In the first of the clips to originally go viral, we see a Ukrainian farmer boldly making off with a tank while its operator sprints after him and the cameraman looks on with a chuckle. 

Here we see members of the Territory Defense Force, a volunteer militia composed entirely of civilian volunteers, laughing and eating pizza while making off with a fully operational Russian tank. 

The guy holding the pizza is speaking to his wife, saying, "Asya! We did it! We're rolling on a f**king tank! This is f**king awesome! Glory to Ukraine! We're doing great! 


Above we see another example of the power of a tractor with the advantage of a full tank of gas, hauling an empty tank back through a small Ukrainian village. 

Finally, above, we see a Ukrainian man poking the bear a bit while driving past a stalled Russian tank on the roadside, even jokingly offering the soldiers sequestered there a ride (back to Russia). 

All in all, as the harrowing conflict escalates day by day, it's impressive how upbeat many of the Ukrainian forces remain in the face of, logistical problems aside, what is inarguably overwhelming invading forces.