As implausible as it may seem, the news footage includes an 11-year-old Prince.

Production Manager of WCCO Minnesota, Matt Liddy uncovered the footage while searching for videos of teachers picketing back in the 1970's.

In a moment of clarity, he realized that a young boy being interviewed at the time...was none other than musical sensation, Prince.

It's fairly obvious that the child has the smile, eyes, nose, and even the smirk that we would all come to know and love. But Liddy still had to get confirmation that this was actually Prince. After reaching out to a music historian, and even classmates, it was confirmed that the boy being interviewed was absolutely Prince.

I can't even begin to process what the odds were that this footage would randomly be stumbled upon 6 years after his death. But what a stroke of luck this was. We get a really cool glimpse into not only music history but Minnesota history as well.