Last October, city building officials in Draper, Utah declared that two cliff-top homes on East Springtime Road were “unfit for human habitation.” On Saturday, those two homes were filmed crumbling down the side of a cliff.

“Can you imagine, the house you worked so hard to purchase and maintain and it falls off a cliff,” one person commented on TikTok. “That’s so devastating.”


Two homes collapsed in Draper, Utah, months after they were ordered to be evacuated due to dangerous conditions related to sliding and breaks in the homes’ foundations. Read more at in the link in our bio. : Draper City

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“I feel so horrible for the families,” another person agreed. “Your dream home just falling down the cliff and there’s nothing you can do.”

According to the Draper City Government’s Facebook page, the incidents “were related to earth shifting that resulted in sliding and breaks in the homes’ foundations.” Two additional homes were evacuated, and officials have been “following up with the developer, Edge Homes, for months on engineering studies Edge Homes has conducted regarding the stability of the surrounding area.”

The Kamradt family bought one of the doomed houses for $900,000 back in November 2021. “This was our forever home,” they said in a 2022 article by Fox 13 about their eviction. “So, we were devastated.” The other family declined to comment due to a “paragraph in their purchasing contract in which they agreed ‘not to disparage Seller in any public or private format.’”

As one TikTok user put it, “This is what happens when cities offer permits to developers because all they see is money.”